Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moon Guardians - Two unicorns that guard the moon!

The Moon Guardians are two unicorns that guard the moon.  From what? Even I'm not quite sure!  Perhaps from all forces that would disturb the peaceful tranquility of the night.

The guardians also have an alternate back story.  The black unicorn is 'Thunder', traditionally represented as a Pegasus, and the white unicorn is 'Pearl' who is a unicorn in both scenarios.  They are mainstays in a story that I may never actually publish, called 'Land', where I am Princess of my own planet.  Lol, I know, but hey Tolkien had his own world too!

'Land' started in my childhood as a game that I played with my siblings.  As we grew older we drifted away from the game, but I came to a point where I 'gave' the care of my planet to my 'Land' boyfriend, a prince from a neighboring planet within my galaxy. Pearl was mine & Thunder was his and we'd go on joy rides with them surveying the vast beauty of the lands across my world.

In this image, they both take the form of unicorns, symbolically standing in their positions of power as stewards of peace and beauty.

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