Thursday, May 22, 2003

Switching Hosts

The site will be moving to soon. There isn't much there right now but you may want to bookmark it now and check there periodically because more, and more stuff will become available over the summer. This new account gives me the 50MBs that the US lycos once offered plus a 15MB e-mail account for you all to be able to send Fan Art, Fiction, etc. I'm mostly going to be working online during the process of the move. However I will link the homepage to the new message board so that you can all communicate with one another. while I'm working. Also, as the site gets slowly closer to being finished, new rules, goodies, and news may appear so keep on the look out for that. Also, I'm going to implement a new system of accepting art. Well, it won't be much different but I'm going to be raising the standards for the art (fiction, etc.) that will be actually displayed on the site. All other works that are not accepted for the actual say may be displayed on the message board freely. The only exception to this new policy will be the art that has already been submitted to me since before this message and any art that will be submitted by the first of June. So if you want your art on the main site without the harsh rules start sending it in now to, do not send your submissions to any other email address on the site or they may get ignored or they may not arrive to my mailbox *some of the accounts have been deleted or I've forgotten about them, etc.* Well, I'll return as regularly as possible with up dates and goodies.

May 22, 2003