Friday, January 13, 2012

Ani-Jam, w00t!

Ani-Jam 2012 was just announced on Facebook, woohoo! It's going to be in the Ernest E. Valdez Exhibit Hall at the Fresno Convention Center, August 17th through the 19th. Ani-Jam is so much fun, and local for me which is an added bonus. It's great being around so many local anime fans (and folks from all over) at once. It's also been great seeing Ani-Jam progress over the years.

I've been going to anime conventions since 2003 and started with ReccaCon at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, CA. It was fun and really inspired me to try to attend more conventions. The same year, I attended the first Ani-Jam which was packed to the brim and I was so proud of Fresno that day for it's new, successful event. After that I started an event with my local Anime Club called Anime Day which is a campus-wide micro con. Anime Days are still going strong and have definitely grown and evolved into something great that I look forward to attending. I went to Anime Expo in 2006, their 15 year anniversary, and blessed to see CLAMP in person.

Besides daydreaming about Anime Cons, I've been searching/researching Ronin Warriors action figures. I've wanted them for ages and haven't been fortunate enough to get my hands on one yet. I wanted to see how available they are. They are still obtainable but, nowhere near their original price points which, is to be expected. The Rowen figured was the most expensive, running around $140. Someday...someday!

It's been great updating, since it's been ages once again, hehe. Ja ne, and hope to remember to glide back here soon!