Monday, July 13, 2015

About Me

I first started drawing more or less 'officially' when I was 5 years old. My family was at church together, there was a lady crying as she gave her testimony at the pulpit and I decided to draw her on one of those little yellow notepads. My dad saw my drawing and said it was pretty good. I've been drawing ever since.

I've played video games since I was pretty little, maybe around 4 or 5 years old. We would visit my grandma's house and she had an Atari and a Nintendo that belonged to one of my cousins. We had a ball on those machines!! It was in high school that I decided that I wanted to make games. I saw all of the awesome 3D graphics coming out. I'm a big fan of Mortal Kombat and the character 'Fujin's cape truly amazed me. I wanted to create things like that too.

Going into game design is really a way to level up my art in my mind; to see my creations really come to life with sound, motion, and interactivity!  As mentioned in a prior blog post, Scared Away From My Own Dream, I was led on a bit of a goose chase as far as going directly to a game design school from high school. From there I began formulating my own path, but procrastinated as certain fears and concerns about the industry held me back.

Since that blog post, I have been getting a lot of encouragement from groups online, from game devs in the industry, from friends & family, and from gamers as well.  With my spirit bolstered I can see my own dreams more clearly again and have a solid idea of where I want top go and how I want to get there.

Thanks to all you readers and followers for all of your continued support on this journey.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moon Guardians - Two unicorns that guard the moon!

The Moon Guardians are two unicorns that guard the moon.  From what? Even I'm not quite sure!  Perhaps from all forces that would disturb the peaceful tranquility of the night.

The guardians also have an alternate back story.  The black unicorn is 'Thunder', traditionally represented as a Pegasus, and the white unicorn is 'Pearl' who is a unicorn in both scenarios.  They are mainstays in a story that I may never actually publish, called 'Land', where I am Princess of my own planet.  Lol, I know, but hey Tolkien had his own world too!

'Land' started in my childhood as a game that I played with my siblings.  As we grew older we drifted away from the game, but I came to a point where I 'gave' the care of my planet to my 'Land' boyfriend, a prince from a neighboring planet within my galaxy. Pearl was mine & Thunder was his and we'd go on joy rides with them surveying the vast beauty of the lands across my world.

In this image, they both take the form of unicorns, symbolically standing in their positions of power as stewards of peace and beauty.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Infinity Dragon

Infinity Dragon is the guardian of the galaxy. He works in balance with 'other' Infinity type dragons to keep the general cosmos in order. Is you're spaceship full of baddies, bent on terrorizing the universe? Sorry, you're toast, or ice, or whichever judgement Infinity dragon is dealing out today. This particular Infinity dragon is the one protecting the milky way, though he has been known to appear in other galaxies on occasion. What intergalactic events could be motivating him to travel?

Infinity Dragon is a part of a series of dragons I started, admittedly, back in high school.  They are each elemental or have powers specific to their place and domain. An Infinity-type Dragon is guardian over it's own galaxy, so it follows that there are Infinity Dragons for other galaxies throughout the universe (with different temperaments too).  That being said, there aren't literally as many Infinity Dragons as there are galaxies.  Some galaxies don't have much activity or inhabitants and thus no Infinity Dragon is born to protect it.  In other cases one Infinity Dragon protects two or more galaxies in it's vicinity.  In still other cases, Infinity dragons travel to different galaxies throughout the universe, usually for reasons unknown to humans or many other beings, but sometimes to assist other Infinity dragons in battling formidable foes that threaten the balance of that galaxy or broader space.

Infinity Dragon (of the Milky Way)