Saturday, July 11, 2015

Infinity Dragon

Infinity Dragon is the guardian of the galaxy. He works in balance with 'other' Infinity type dragons to keep the general cosmos in order. Is you're spaceship full of baddies, bent on terrorizing the universe? Sorry, you're toast, or ice, or whichever judgement Infinity dragon is dealing out today. This particular Infinity dragon is the one protecting the milky way, though he has been known to appear in other galaxies on occasion. What intergalactic events could be motivating him to travel?

Infinity Dragon is a part of a series of dragons I started, admittedly, back in high school.  They are each elemental or have powers specific to their place and domain. An Infinity-type Dragon is guardian over it's own galaxy, so it follows that there are Infinity Dragons for other galaxies throughout the universe (with different temperaments too).  That being said, there aren't literally as many Infinity Dragons as there are galaxies.  Some galaxies don't have much activity or inhabitants and thus no Infinity Dragon is born to protect it.  In other cases one Infinity Dragon protects two or more galaxies in it's vicinity.  In still other cases, Infinity dragons travel to different galaxies throughout the universe, usually for reasons unknown to humans or many other beings, but sometimes to assist other Infinity dragons in battling formidable foes that threaten the balance of that galaxy or broader space.

Infinity Dragon (of the Milky Way)

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