Friday, June 19, 2015

Launch Toward My True Dream

For a while now I've been spending my time regrouping. Last year, my mother lost her battle with breast cancer and it's been such a struggle just trying to move forward, missing her so much.  My mom was such a major influence in my life and a support to me in so many ways.  It really hurts not having her here in person cheering me on, and it's been a battle trying to stand on my own.  It's been everything I can do to stay out of depression and not give up.  It's her words of encouragement that she's left me and her wishes for me to get my life going, that's even helped me get this far.

But I know what she would want me to do, and that's to actually go after and reach my dreams.  I've been striving to find the strength to keep fighting for my dream, even while I don't feel much like fighting or dreaming, because I know my mom wouldn't want me to give up.  I know that I've got to hold on, and that I can't stop trying to achieve it.

I'm going to use my art to get there.  I started drawing when I was 5-years old when my father saw me drawing a lady that was crying in church.  It was in high school when my dreams evolved and I wanted to see more from my art and desired to see it become more interactive.  There are a lot of steps that I still need to take to make the leap to becoming a game designer & building my own studio. 

As I learn game design theory, game art, programming theory, and how to build a team, I want to share a glimpse of the art and stories that I've made over the years that will inspire the games that I want to create.  I want to continue to develop & share those ideas as I dig my files, business plan, & portfolio out of the boxes that I have remaining in my move from a house to an apartment. 

I'm asking for your support in continuing to develop these ideas.  In supporting my art you'll boost my focus and motivation, while helping toward the launch of my game company.  I've started a Patreon account, which will help me to do what I do best, create! You can also help by purchasing a print or art gift my DevArt, or using my associate link the next time you shop on Amazon.

I thank you so much for taking this journey with me.

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